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Organic Products

’’Smak Polskiej Tradycji’’ take care of his customers brand has created a new line of ecological products.
Our products come from certified organic farms.
Healthy and selected fruits guarantee the quality of our preserves.
More and more people are looking for products without allergens, flavor enhancers and preservatives.
Organic food and proper diet supports our body in the fight against the consequences of many civilization diseases.
Our organic products contain at least 95 percent of natural ingredients.

They were obtained without the use of plant protection products, growth accelerators, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering techniques.
Our organic food does not contain artificial colors, flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Our organic products are certified, and farms and plants producing them are subjected to systematic control.
Our organic food is characterized above all by the fact that no plant protection chemicals, mineral fertilizers, plant growth regulators and biologically active feed additives have been used in the process.
The satisfaction of our customers is the most important to us, therefore as a supplier we guarantee the high quality of our products.
Agnieszka Rudyk
Internet Marketing Manager

Organic Products

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