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Honey from Polish Apiaries

Natural honeys “The Taste of Polish Tradition” comes exclusively from Polish apiaries. Honey has a velvety consistency, they don’t crystallize and have a delight with bright pearly color, and their delicate cream structure makes them spread out perfectly.
Polish honey is not only a sweet food product, it is also a natural nutrient, regenerating and healing. Honey never is too much, it has a beneficial effect on our body. It contains the substances that stimulate our metabolism.
There are different types of honey, they have different effects on the body because their chemical compositions and properties.
Rapeseed honey is obtained from rape flowers, it has a straw color, detox properties, it is also mild to the liver. Accelerates wound healing and protects against infection.
Multi flower honey is very sweet and helpful in the treatment of heart disease, pressure regulation and allergies, its properties are also used in such ailments as anemia, fatigue or cold. This is a product that is always worth having at hand.
The satisfaction of our customers is the most important for us, therefore, as a supplier, we ensure that our regional honeys from Polish hoes are not only high quality, but also delight in taste.

Honey from Polish Apiaries

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