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Polish Milk Fudge in a can

Who of us does not like fudges? These are one of the oldest and, at the same time, the most appreciated sweets by children and adults. Milk sweets with characteristically soft and long-lasting filling can be found in our rich assortment. Hand-made Polish fudges are made according to a special, proven and traditional recipe that guarantees a delicious, original taste. Delicate creamy caramel will evoke the taste of childhood in everyone, and thus - priceless memories.
Polish Fudges in a tasteful package will be great as a gift for a closed one on the occasion of birthdays, angels days, wedding anniversary or other holidays. The unique taste, smell and appearance of sweets will surely appeal to everyone and meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. If You also appreciate the taste of original Polish fudges, we encourage You to buy this unique product that will delight the taste buds of everyone, even the largest gourmand.

code: SPT-355
weight net: 170g
qty. in box: 10
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Handmade product

Polish Milk Fudge in a can


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