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Publication date: 2017-05-29

We are introducing new products in our offer.

One of them is well-known in the Polish kitchen chopped sorrel. This is an ideal base for delicious sorrel soup. Homemade recipe and carefully selected sorrel leaves will give the dish a characteristic, slightly sour taste. Rich in oxalic acid, oxalates, vitamin C and glycosides, it helps with gastric problems, inhibits the growth of microorganisms and soothes col and cough.

The second product are lemons with a hint of exotic vanilla. A wonderful combination that everyone will tastes.

Especially recommended for tea, refreshing drinks, desserts, cakes, sauces.

Another novelties in our offer are three flavors of unique polish honey with nuts. They will be perfect as a healthy snack, tea and lemonade. Indispensable for homemade pastries, cakes and desserts. They will definitely work with all sorts of infections and colds. Honey acts as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

We have also expanded our offer of three organic products. These are grated beetroots, sauerkraut with carrot and tomato paste.

Our products will be perfect for everyday meals as well as for birthday and anniversary gifts. We guarantee that our products will delighting you by its delicious, unique homemade flavor.

Try it!

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